Unboxing video for the new Harimau 2.0 SE helmet in Matte Edition







NHK HARIMAU 2.0 - The Tiger Strikes Back!

The long anticipated NHK x Harimau 2.0 finally returns in 2020 for a visually stunning update!

The emblem of the Harimau has been updated to show the latest transformation from the first generation. Harimau 2.0 is decked out in gorgeous Gold Sparkles that makes the wearer more visible in dark weather conditions.

GITD Technology - The patented Glow in The Dark technology for NHK Helmets in Malaysia has been updated for the Harimau 2.0. Be the pride of your riding pack knowing that you and your helmet stand out, day in, night out!

The Real Patriot’s Helmet -

No flag design on the Harimau this year? We say to you, NO. We revolutionise, other copycats in the market copy; hence there are a ton of flag branded helmets out there.

We are #TeamRimau, #BeDifferent. Like a breath of fresh air, the Harimau 2.0 sides are subtly coloured with the colours of Malaysia.

First ever Helmet series collectible:

The Appearance of the Dragon